Demo Reel

Check out our 3D animation demo reel, which shows off a little bit of everything we are capable of!

Diaphragm Wall

A combination of 3D modeling, animation and video editing all wrapped up in this one project. Most of the models were supplied as CAD files, but minor objects like the rebar cage and concreate pouring items needed to be created. 

The video files were supplied and added to show this process being done above ground. Some simple text was added and a couple bits of text were motion tracked into the shot, fancy!

Reverse Circulation String

This was a project that involved some extensive 3D modeling of the top drive. Fortunately Pinnacle is a local company that I was able to visit and take all the reference images I needed. In the end, everyone was impressed with that model. Other models created by Pipe Dreams 3D:

  • Robit DTH hammer
  • Hammer Bit
  • Air Compressors
  • Cyclone


Summit 40

This DTH hammer disassembly animation is another great example of our modeling skills given the right reference pictures. This DTH hammer was taken apart and I personally took the reference photos of each part, the end result was almost a perfect match! This is an educational piece with promotional flare, helping the audience understand the DTH hammer parts of the Summit 40.

Wombat Assembly

Hardmetals chose to show off their wombat assembly with a little style! This animation simply shows the audience how to swap out the different diameter wings of the Wombat HDD tool. This was a supplied STEP file that just needed some threads added to the bolts.

Jet Grouting System

Kings of the jet grouting industry, CRM shows off their Strajet D.114 Double Fluid System in this animation that helps the audience understand how the product works and a quick introduction to the jet grouting process.